Aquamarine and Smokey Quartz Tassel Necklace

Aquamarine and Smokey Quartz Tassel Necklace


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Aquamarine and Smokey Quartz Tassel Necklace measuring 22.5″ long with a 9″ central tassel.  This necklace is made up of tumble cut (faceted) natural aquamarine stones strung alongside Smokey Quartz, Turquoise, Rock Crystal, Labradorite and white Freshwater Pearls; with a sterling silver hook clasp.  A stunning one-off piece of jewellery that you will never find someone else wearing.

About the materials used in our Aquamarine and Smokey Quartz Tassel Necklace


Aquamarine is a blue to green-blue variety of precious beryl. The beryl group of minerals is most famous for chromium-rich, green emerald, which happens to be one of the ‘precious four’ gems of the world (diamond, sapphire and ruby are the remaining three). Aquamarine is one of the official birthstones for those born in March. Aquamarine is exceptionally hard and has an outstanding vitreous (glass-like) lustre. It is most famous for its breath-taking sea-blue colours which can range from light to dark-blue. The name ‘aquamarine’ was derived from an old Latin expression which meant ‘seawater’.


Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium.   It is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gem and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue.  The substance has been known by many names, but the word turquoise dates to the 17th century and is derived from the French turques for “Turks” because the mineral was first brought to Europe from Turkey, from mines in the historical Khorasan Province of Persia.  Turquoise was among the first gems to be mined, and many historic sites have been depleted, though some are still worked to this day. These are all small-scale operations, often seasonal owing to the limited scope and remoteness of the deposits. Most are worked by hand with little or no mechanization. However, turquoise is often recovered as a by-product of large-scale copper mining operations, especially in the United States.


Smoky quartz is a grey, translucent variety of quartz. It ranges in clarity from almost complete transparency to a brownish-grey crystal that is almost opaque. Some can also be black. Like other quartz gems, it is a silicon dioxide crystal. The smoky colour results from free silicon, formed from the silicon dioxide by natural irradiation.

Smoky quartz is used to protect against all forms of bad luck and to enhance energy flow through the hands. It increases creativity and intuition and transforms depression and pessimistic thought into joy and optimism.

In China during the 12th century, smoky quartz was used to make sunglasses. It was also used in China to make snuff bottles. The Romans and Sumerians used smoky quartz to make seals.

Smoky quartz is the national gem of Scotland where it is often called cairngorm because it was found in the Cairngorm Mountains. It is used there for jewellery and to decorate kilt pins and knife handles.

Smoky quartz is a birthstone for Scorpio.

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